Tuesday, July 19, 2005

      The Passing of a Friend

My friend Wei Loon collapsed during a run last Sunday; he never recovered from it. He was pronounced dead the same night.

I attended his wake this evening. It was surreal, like a deja vu; as I looked at his picture at the wake, then at him lying in the coffin, motionless. I could still remember the last time we met, we were talking about his latest 3G phone. He was so young, there must have been so much things he wanted to achieve. I wondered if he knew that all his friends were there at his wake. I wondered if he felt his body lying there. I wondered what goes on after life, or was that the end.

Life is short, it is unpredictable. Life has once again proven how vulnerable we are, yet at the same time, we think the world of ourselves. As years passed, I have encountered many experiences that highlights how little we are capable of, how limited we can achieve, despite how hard we tried sometimes.


Yet ironically, God gave us something that kept us going on. A hope? For what? But then, if we just give in, what do we make of the years before our turn to lie there motionless? So, many of us must have question at one point or another; what is the meaning of this life?

Wei Loon, rest in peace. I wish you happiness and peace, wherever you are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Jesus made his way through the throngs of people surrounding him, he suddenly stopped and asked "Who touched me?". It seemed obvious to his disciples so they answered that it was the crowds pressing upon Him. But Jesus insisted, "Someone touched Me". He knew a particular someone had touched Him, because at that moment divine power had gone out of Him. A woman stepped out of the crowd and confessed to Jesus that it was she who had deliberately touched Him, and something wonderful had happened to her. For twelve long years she had been suffering from an uncontrollable hemorrhage, year after year losing more blood. She had seen many physicians and spent all that she had,but nothing helped. She knew she was dying.Then she heard about Jesus. Desperately making her way through the crowd, she came close enough to touch Him,believing that if she touched even just His garment, she would be healed. And as she touched Him, her flow of blood stopped.His divine power had been transfused into her.With loving kindness Jesus said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you.Go in peace and be well from your affliction".

This woman is a picture of all of us,showing that we too are afflicted with a disease that will eventually issue in death-the inward disease of sin.How much suffering and damage this sickness has caused us!Try as we might, we cannot get rid of it. Nothing can cure us-no moral philosophy, self-help program, or good works. Instead, our frail and limited life is leaking away. One day it will run out completely. We need the healing of Jesus and His life to save us. :)
He is the very God who became an approachable and even touchable man to be our Savior. He is sinless, and died for our sins. His redeeming death heals us of our affliction. He is waiting for us to touch him and receive His redemption and His unlimited,death-conquering life. Being content merely to hear bout Jesus or to be among the crowd around Him will not save us. If we come to Him in faith and touch Him by believing in what He has done for us, He will heal us and impart His eternal life into us. We will have peace. You can touch Him in faith right now. Just pray this simple prayer:

"Lord Jesus, I need You. I am a sinner. I believe in all You did for me on the cross. Thank you for dying for me so I could be healed. Save me now. I receive You as my Savior and my life. Amen"

based on mathew 9:20-22;Mark 5:24-34 and Luke 8:43-48

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