Saturday, June 18, 2005

      Project Post-mortem Part 2

Finally, we are cutting over the project tomorrow. Hope that it will be a smooth one.

However, there's more to be done.

Under Release Management, we have to update source control on the latest versions of production codes. This is requied to ensure that we have baselined the production codes, so that they are available should patches to post-cutover be required.

For documentation, we still need to tidy up user manual and technical specifications.

As a part of this post-mortem, we need to establish:

  • a daily-built process for the next project. This is important to facilitate early integration and minimise integration bugs. How do we implement the daily built? When do we check in development codes? Other than codes, what other artifacts are required to be versioned; SQL scripts, code-gen templates? Who to implement daily built, perform smoke-tests? Who to enforce release management?
  • QA setup and processes. We need to setup a testing environment, other than the development environment, to facilitate testing. Test plans and guidelines for smoke tests, functional testing, regression test. Need to start teaching the team to use NUnit for unit testings.


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