Thursday, July 07, 2005

      Price Hike Madness

Comfort, CityCab and Yellow-Top revise taxi fares

Alright, so the government is encouraging us to take public transport.

But with ever-increasing public transport fees, there's really little incentive for us to do so. It seems the ever demand and supply issues are simply "resolved" by increasing prices for the supply, in hope of easing the demand. Too little taxis during peak hour? Simple; just increase price, and lesser people will demand. Too many cars on the roads? Simple, let's put in COE and increase the ERP.

I mean, come on. Who's the gain from this at the end? Does this solve the problem? Look at crowds in Golden Village cinemas on weekends, I suppose the raise in price really doesn't matter much to them. So who's the happy people with the fatter pockets at the end of the day.

Everything's price is increasing. Oil price hike at new historical high, ERP, COE, GV tickets (maybe I can make a rep out of this). Madness...


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