Saturday, July 16, 2005

      MS Enterprise Library v1.1 (June 2005) Released

Enterprise Library v1.1 (June 2005) is released. It can be found here.

Based on the description writeup, there no major changes in the version. If you're looking forward to new App blocks, you will be disappointed. v1.1 still maintains the 7 existing app blocks. Well, I was hoping they include the User Interface Process App Block. I sure need an MVC framework for my next project. Maybe have to play with Maverick.NET, no choice.

The memory leak issue with the configuration app block was patched up; and some minor touch up for threading, some file paths issue etc. Maybe the most interesting enhancement is the new Providers for Configuration App block allowing us to save configurations to the register, and SQL Servers. Ha, no more XML configuration files for me. Oh yes, the 2 versions supports side-by-side executions.

I have downloaded it. Gonna dig into it over the weekend.


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