Wednesday, July 27, 2005

      .NetTier Beta 1 is Released !

Finally, after much anticipation and waiting, the version 1.0 of .NetTier is out in Beta 1.

What is .NetTier? Well, it's a set of open source CodeSmith templates that is used to generate a data access layer, based on the database schema. It takes the load out of repeatitive data access coding for common CRUD functions. In addition, it also translates the database schema into a ready-to-use object model in the form of Entities and EntityCollections. With this, developers can almost start focusing on the business domain issues immediately.

To quote .NetTier's site:
" .NetTiers are CodeSmith templates for object-relational mapping that takes an existing SQLServer database and automatically generates a personnalized Data Tiers application block to use in your .Net applications. "
Some of its features include:

- Fully integrate with entreprise library application blocks architecture. Shipped with it's own plugin, so you can configure your application directly from the entlib configuration console.

- Generate the business objects (called entities) with a 1:1 mapping ( an entity for each table, with a property for each column).

- Generate Data Access Layer Components (DALC) for tables and views , with following database operations :


  • Support for queries using primary key
  • Support for queries using foreign key
  • Support for queries using keys that are part of an index
  • Support for queries using keys that are part of a junction table
  • Support for user defined Methods, generated from queries that are detected throught a very simple naming rule (_TableName_MyMethodName)
  • Support for Deep loading and saving, with children type selection and optional recursivity.
  • Support for find methods, with paging and sorting. (builded with the datagrid in mind :-)
  • NEW: Support for SqlView.
  • NEW: Select between stored procedure or xml embedded queries.

- Generate strongly-typed collections for entities and repositories.

- Create the stored procedures script and can automatically install them on the server. The current beta includes dynamic sql as well.

- Generates a complete nAnt build file, to compile, test and generate chm/html API documentation.

- A full set of nUnit tests.


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See your headline

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Blogger Cyrus Crypt said...

I don't get comments often. And when I do, I get those that I don't understand.


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Blogger thaytu said...

- Hi guys, i'm a newbie in ASP.NET 2.0, and i have a project made by CodeSmith & Nettier template. So, in the code of my project, i can't understand how to call an Insert function with a button Insert in aspx page that have no button_click event and in the aspx.cs, only have something like:
FormUtil.RedirectAfterInsertUpdate(FormView1, "BankAccountEdit.aspx?{0}", BankAccountDataSource);
FormUtil.RedirectAfterAddNew(FormView1, "BankAccountEdit.aspx");
FormUtil.RedirectAfterCancel(FormView1, "BankAccount.aspx");
FormUtil.SetDefaultMode(FormView1, "QuartzBankAccountNo");
The insert button just have Name and CommandName="Insert"
I'm really need help. Thank !
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