Wednesday, April 20, 2005

      IRs (a.k.a Casinos); For Better or For Worse?

Not surprisely, the government has given the green light to IRs. Various agruments on both sides have been presented and discussed, in parliament and in the press; I shan't elaborate on them further.

So is this move for the better of Singapore or for worse? Frankly, no major watershed in history has been presented as an easy option. Granted the fact that each path leads to its pros and cons, I believe what is more important for the people to realise that outcome is for them to decide; for better or for worse. The critical aspect is not in its decision alone, it is also the execution of the plan, in line with the initial vision, that sees to its success.

Reflecting this on our life, when have you come across a cross-road that you have to decide for the better or worse, for the remaining portion of your life e.g. a career change, a course of study. Many of us defer such decisions, fearing the wrong choice will lead to worse outcome. However, many also fail to realise the outcome is not in the choice itself. It is also the consistent execution of plans, inline with the initial decision. How can a choice to study in IT result in success or failure? The success can only be brought about by the consistent effort put into homing the IT skills required to be an IT professional. Likewise, the failure will also be brought about by the lack of it.

Abraham Lincoln was termed a rebel for abolishment of slavery, for his leadership in the American Civil War. Today, he's remember as a great man of freedom. Did it seem any easier for him then, to be termed a rebel? Yet guided by his firm belief in freedom, his unfailing execution of plans in line with this principle, he achieved what he did.

So is RI for better or for worse? Well... that's really for the people of Singapore to decide. If we can forget about the differences in views, and rally behind this common cause: to make Singapore a more vibrant city, to be continuingly a competitive island country admist the rise of economical giants like China and India, then a better outcome can be expected. Social ills can be managed and minimised (albeit not eradicated), economical growths can be gained.


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