Friday, March 18, 2005

      Day 6 - Life is a Temporary Assignment

So, if our life now is indeed just a short phase; then really, what's the point of having this phase? What's the point of having to strive so hard for those things that we are striving for? But then again, do we just sit down and wait to die?

Well, it's really not in my character to just sit around and give up. I'll still try. And I believe this characteristic is built into many of us. We're so human. We don't give up. That's quite a gift, isn't it?

So we are suppose to "work" for our rights to enter into heaven? What about all the knowledge that we have acquire here? Are they any good in heaven? or hell?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

      Day 5 - Seeing Life from God's View

The way we perceive our life in its entirety has far-reaching effects on our values, priorities, perception and feelings.

If life is a test, then many of the difficulties that we face in life can be more easily overcome; well, at least mentally or emotionally, its easier. It'll be easier to bear the pain of passing of loved ones, getting retrenching even when you have done your very best, the tragedy of tsunami that happened for no apparent reason. Well, if there is indeed a reason for everything, then maybe a test can be a good reason as well. For history has shown that characters of steel are forged through tough tests.

If there's something that you desired, something that you'd worked hard for and you're not getting it; maybe the reason is that its a test of character, of faith; to perservere against all odds.

Conversely, tests do not always manifest in bad forms. Even striking the lottery or great success in career can be a test. Sudden wealth tests our ability to handle great wealth. Of course, failing this test will result in falling back to poverty. Great career success tests our humbleness; if we will be so overwhelmed with success that we turned prideful and conceited, then we may just lose the love and respect of people around us.

If life is about trust, it is of responsibilities. Then we will want to live with integrity. We will take responsibilities for things that have been put under our charge. And that encompasses our gifts and talents such as leadership, creativity, musical inclination, systematic thinking, love, empathy etc. We must be responsible to put such gifts and talents to good use; uses that will benefit others who are less gifted. For if you show that you are capable of been responsible of something, more will be given and put under your charge in return.

For it is said, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."

and "with great power, comes great responsibilities".
- Spiderman

The truth of life is that the greatest power are never given to those who cannot wield them with integrity and sense of responsibilities.

Monday, March 14, 2005

      Day 4 - Made to Last Forever

If everyone is made to last forever, then wouldn't there be over-population issues? What are we going to do in eternity? Just sit around? Wouldn't that be boring? What meaning or purposes are there in eternity? Purposes meaningful enough to be motivating forever? Love, maybe.

I don't know if life is indeed just a prelude before eternity. Sounds a little far-fetched for me. But I do know that if we can put ourselves into the perspective of this life in its entirety, then many problems and issues will just seem so mundane. Then there is less worries. Then I can see that what matters are the people around me, relationships and my character in person.

What's the matter with the 5 Cs? They don't get me respect if I am shallow and crude. They don't get me trust if I am not trustworthy or act with integrity.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

      Day 3 - What Drives Your Life?

We are driven by different factors. Sadly, most people today are driven by the wrong things, and they end up seeking an empty and unfulfilling destination; Materialism, approval from others, anger and resentment, fear, or guilt. Of these, materialism is the most common one in the modern society today. Ask someone what they wish to attain in the next 5 years, and half will response with things like a car, a house, pay increment, promotion etc. The other half of the lot will not even have a clue of what they want, so they end up just following the crowd, thinking that what fits the rest will be fulfulling for them too.
That's why there are so many individuals who are not happy with their life, with their job, with their marriage etc etc... Resulting in broken marriages, unfulfilling relationships, untapped potentials.
"7 Habits of Highly Effective People" advocated "Beginning with the End in Mind" as the 2nd habit; the final end of our life is the day that we die. Upon that day, what do we hope to have achieved? In constrast, does our daily actions contribute to that end? Or do they contradicts the end that we desire? Specifically, how many will hope to be branded a liar, a weakling, an irresponsible person after we passed? How about being branded a respectable father/mother, a caring and helpful friend, a lovely spouse? Yet how many of us lie blatantly to get that business deal? How many forget to listen to their kids after a tiring work day? How many forget to love their spouse amidst the unending list of mundane issues?
I believe that many of us have at one point or another during our life asked, "what is the meaning of life? why am I here?" I don't have an answer, but I believe that each of us is unqiue, and we have our gifts in different ways. Some people are musically inclined, some are very logical for scientific work, some are born leaders... of course the list goes on, but you get the point. I believe that the way that we are gifted has something to do our purpose. Well, those qualities must have come with a purpose right? You're not born with musical inclinations just so that you can always laze at home watching TV right?
A person with good levels of creativity is purposed to be an artist, creative director etc, so that he/she can bring about enriching art, culture, adverts into the reality; to enrich the lives of others.
This realization is vital. Cause without it, there's no way to understand one's own destiny, purpose, mandate (whatever you call it). Without this end state in mind, there's no way to focus our daily efforts, and we end up like a boat drifting without steers; floating wherever the tides may bring. Hence, lost.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

      Day 1 - It All Starts With God.

Lately, I have been thinking, "What on Earth am I here for?" Really, I have no answer.

Death is an inevitable point for everyone. If that's is the end, then what value does our years spent alive bring? Is our value through the legacy that we leave behind? Or the knowledge for the next generation? Or the wealth that was accumulated? Or the contributions to society?

Is it a period, a full stop on the day that we die? If indeed so, then what's the point of striving so hard during the years alive? Really, there is no need to be stressed out all work; or worry about kids not having the best education; or about the next pay increment or promotion; or the conflict with your neighbour/friends etc etc etc... ... There's no need. After all, what's the point of worrying or being bothered by these? The end state is the same, we all die some day. People in today's society are constantly subjected to stresses at many levels, in many areas. But if we just stop and take a macro view at life in its entirety, those mundane issues may just seem so small and negligible.

If indeed we are created by a greater entity called God, then he must have done so for a reason. And that reason is our purpose, isn't it?

But then, if we aren't created by someone greater, then did we just happen to exist; by accident, by chance, maybe? LOL...