Monday, March 14, 2005

      Day 4 - Made to Last Forever

If everyone is made to last forever, then wouldn't there be over-population issues? What are we going to do in eternity? Just sit around? Wouldn't that be boring? What meaning or purposes are there in eternity? Purposes meaningful enough to be motivating forever? Love, maybe.

I don't know if life is indeed just a prelude before eternity. Sounds a little far-fetched for me. But I do know that if we can put ourselves into the perspective of this life in its entirety, then many problems and issues will just seem so mundane. Then there is less worries. Then I can see that what matters are the people around me, relationships and my character in person.

What's the matter with the 5 Cs? They don't get me respect if I am shallow and crude. They don't get me trust if I am not trustworthy or act with integrity.


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