Sunday, August 27, 2006

      Army Half Marathon Post- mortem - Putting Ourselves On the Line

Today is the day, it's Army Half Marathon. With much anticipation and excitement, my friends, wife and I took off for the run.

Sadly, I did not perform up to my expectations to complete below 2 hours. At the last few kilometers, my calves stiffened and I had to stop a few times to stretch. This, despite the fact I am better prepared this year, compared to last year. However, I did feel the improvement, as my body took the physical stress better than previously.

My next New Year resolution is 42km Standard Chartered Marathon at the end of the year. My confidence was shaken after today's run. I was wondering how can I complete a full marathon when my legs cannot comfortably take me through 21km? Some told me to take another 21km instead; I decided not to. I decided to put myself on the line by registering for 42km event. It's going to be tough, I know. But I also know there's going to be another 3 months to train, which is realistic enough.

What is more important than completing the 42km, is the process of training for it. If I do not commit myself to this goal, then my training efforts will not be maximum.

It's the same for challenges in life. They are challenges for the sheer fact that we are not confident of achieving it. But people sometimes shrink from challenges, for fear of failing to it. Wrong. If we live in the comfort zone all the time, then that's where we'll always stay; status quo. There isn't a chance at all. But if we put ourselves up to the task, there is a chance. Even if we failed, the journey becomes a stepping stone towards success.