Thursday, March 10, 2005

      Day 1 - It All Starts With God.

Lately, I have been thinking, "What on Earth am I here for?" Really, I have no answer.

Death is an inevitable point for everyone. If that's is the end, then what value does our years spent alive bring? Is our value through the legacy that we leave behind? Or the knowledge for the next generation? Or the wealth that was accumulated? Or the contributions to society?

Is it a period, a full stop on the day that we die? If indeed so, then what's the point of striving so hard during the years alive? Really, there is no need to be stressed out all work; or worry about kids not having the best education; or about the next pay increment or promotion; or the conflict with your neighbour/friends etc etc etc... ... There's no need. After all, what's the point of worrying or being bothered by these? The end state is the same, we all die some day. People in today's society are constantly subjected to stresses at many levels, in many areas. But if we just stop and take a macro view at life in its entirety, those mundane issues may just seem so small and negligible.

If indeed we are created by a greater entity called God, then he must have done so for a reason. And that reason is our purpose, isn't it?

But then, if we aren't created by someone greater, then did we just happen to exist; by accident, by chance, maybe? LOL...


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