Friday, September 02, 2005

      I Quited.

At last, after many months of internal struggle, I have tendered my resignation.

I have decided that this is it; there is fundamentally, a very strong mismatch. It is not a software company. Indeed, as I have discovered today, my boss took a job description that I wrote when looking for a developer and reused it to look for my replacement (talk about code reuse, lol...) All that he added to the JD was 'Manage application team and infrastructure'. So that was what my work was worth to him. Sigh... How sad.

I am glad that I have made the right choice.

My only regret is that the Team that I have built up is still in its infancy. Now that I am gone, they will have to transit through a difficult period before things stablised again. I feel sorry towards them as I have always taught them to be solution-oriented, to give their best in their work. But now I am leaving them behind to fight the war on their own... It feels like betrayal.

They are a good lot; hardworking, earnest and dependable. I hope they come out stronger after this. Someday, we will meet again.


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