Tuesday, April 18, 2006

      Book Review: China Condensed - 5000 Years of History & Culture

' China Condensed - 5000 Years of History & Culture', by Ong Siew Chey. This book presents the history of China from the very beginning till present day. As the title suggests, it is a very condensed version of 5000 years of events. For an introduction to China, it is a great read for overview. However, others may find it lacking in details for those already familiar with China's history.

Through the dynasties of China, heroes arose to causes and and villians create havoc. Dynasties rose to great brillance and fall in later years; heroes come and pass. A consistent theme that occurred to me is that nothing is permanent, no success or failure is permenant. Things always change with time. Having 5000 years condense in one book, this pattern becomes apparant. I wonder where all these great heroes and past leaders have gone to?

It makes me wonder if there is really a need to be overly zealous about holding on to immaterial stuff like fame and status. No matter what greatness we achieved, it'll come to pass. Why not relax a little and enjoy life to the fullest, to the most meaningful way possible?


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