Sunday, December 04, 2005

      Half-Marathon : Test of Will

Finally, today's Singapore Marathon run. The run that I have been training for. Despite the darkness at 600am, the Esplanade was already charging with energy. The 21km run started at 630am. To my surprise, unlike the Army Half Marathon, EVERY participants started running upon crossing the start line. That's the difference when you have people who take ownership of the participation.

The first 8km to Marina South and back was a breeze. I have been prepared for that. Upon crossing the 8km mark, I told myself, "Now the race really begins". At 10km, I clocked 1 hour in timing.

I hit the first hurdle at the 13km mark, my legs started to stiffened and my back started to ache. My stomache was telling me that energy store was depleted and that I needed fuel. People started to overtake me. Blessed, the next drink station had bananas!!!! I grabbed one and took half the banana, not daring to risk eating too much. Call it my imagination, I started to feel energised after that and got into a "runner's high". In a trance like state, I started picking up pace, and overtaking again.

I clocked 1:30min at 16km mark at Nicole Highway. The route went uphill, and my performance went downhill from there. My kness were hurting real bad, and my feet were numbed. At one point, I could not feel my feet touch the ground! There were 3 entities in my mind, the Angel, the Devil, and I. The Devil was particularly strong at that point. I slowed down. An elder man with all white hair jogged passed me; the back of his t-shirt had a picture of Roadrunner and said "Catch me if you catch". I willed myself to carry on, and started to talk to myself; hoping to distract the pain. "Cannot stop."

I finished at 2:06min. Missed my target of under 2 hour. I wasn't fully prepared, and training started late. If I had clocked at least 2 sessions of 12km training, I would have done much better.

Nonetheless, completing the run signifies passing the test of will. To complete against all odds. Having the mental and physical discipline to train consistently. That, in itself was definitely a very strong character building exercise for myself. I am glad I did it.

I will target next year's Army Half Marathon, and then go for 42km in Standard Charter Run 2006.


Anonymous florence said...

It's truly a test of will power which builds the character in each of us. Never give up no matter what it takes. And we should perennially challenge ourselves to undertake tasks that seem so impossible to complete.

As quoted to you earlier on..
"You must do the things you think you cannot do." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Kudos to you my dear for running the race and completing it notwithstanding the fact that it's not within the ideal time. We will do better in the next race and I am sure you will :)

11:35 PM  

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