Thursday, October 06, 2005

      How to Learn Effectively?

If knowledge is so important in this age that we are in, then effective learning becomes the crux between success and failure.  How to learn effectively then?

By Reading – definitely one of the primary means to learning; however, one common problem is that there are more materials to read, and then there is not enough time to read them.  Hence, it is important to read effectively.  Speed reading comes to mind.  Definitely must develop an effective reading practice for maximum learning throughput.

By Application – reading alone is only the start; information gained via reading without application is only theory and not knowledge.  To internalize the information gained into knowledge, there must be some form of application.  There’s why work experiences counts.  Must find means of applications to reinforce the theories.

By Collaboration – other than from books, we can learn from other people; people who have walked the path before, or is walking the path themselves.  This can be achieved via direct communication, or via forums and user-groups of specific subject-matter.  Professional conferences or seminars are also avenues of collaboration.  The problem with this is that human (mis)communication sometimes hinders, rather than facilitate learning.

Given that time is a premium and learning is a required survival factor in this age, the need to develop effective learning skills then becomes very important. We must be mindful about our learning process, know what works and what does not work, what facilitates speedy learning; constantly evolve the learning capability of ourselves.


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