Saturday, October 01, 2005

      Young Achievers below 25 – Inspirations and Role Models (even for Old Folks)

Today’s Strait’s Times features 50 youngsters below 25, who have achieved some levels of success despite their young age.  Not surprisingly, I am not within this list.  

Of these achievers, those with relation to IT struck me with most impact, given that I am an IT professional myself.   Their achievements put me to shame and to really think about how I have been utilizing my time resources to further myself.

Another common trend among these people that I noticed is that their successes are not driven by materialistic issues, like job security, fame or money etc.  Many were driven by having the courage to break away from social norms, and conventions; to pursuits their dreams and interest, which others may take as ‘unwise’.  However, serendipity seems to have its way with people who works their way through difficulties and dares to take risks; today they make it to this list in their own credits.

Given that I’m jobless at this point in time, my take-away is to work on improving myself and not be in a rush to get the next job.  I will just like to focus on what I like to do i.e. my research work and software development.  God knows when I can get the next job that I desire, or what opportunities will come along; but I believe that serendipity will happen, and I must prepare myself to be able to get it when it happens.

Consistent work and patience are virtues and underlying recipe for success.


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