Thursday, October 06, 2005

      Is There Life After Death?

Charles Darwin (1809 to 1882), famed for his acclaimed theory of 'Natural Selection'.

This theory underlines that we humans (and all biological species) as we are today, are a result of alteration over long periods of time from a common parent species i.e. evolution. The alteration is a result of species to adapt to environment and to survive. This theory is proven today by DNA.

Fear gripped me today as realisation dawned upon me the meaning of this;

Although I do not align myself with a religion in any official way, from young, I have come to accept that we were created by God. This thinking is termed Creationism, which advocated that human is created by a supereme being, commonly called God. The theory of 'Natural Selection' runs in contrary to Creationism, as humans are no longer created as said in Genesis of Bible, but was a result of natural laws of biological organisms' inept ability to alter themselves to survive aeons of period.

Fear set in because this introduce the questionability on existence of God and all related teachings in Christainity or Islam (whatever religion). In most religion, a common theme is the existence of a supremem being that loves all humans created; that life on earth is just a temporal stage and death is not to be feared. For death leads to the next stage, eternal life. If you have being following me, then the next question is: is there life after death?

Inherently, we don't want to accept the fact that our conscience or awareness cease to exist upon death. We want to 'live' on. This explains why Charles Darwin was very careful about the release of his theory in the 19th century. There was then no DNA to prove his theory, and he understood the potential repercussions on society, religion.

It does make sense to a certain extend. If everyone lives forever after death; then wouldn't heavens suffered from over-population? Ha.

Nowadays, I hardly dream when sleeping. Sleep was like total 'blackout', without consciousness of what is happening around me. When I wake up each morning, I though about what had happened while asleep. I didn't know. I suppose maybe death is something like that? Maybe that's why we have to sleep. To get used to death.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something inside me just simply can't accept that everything is over upon death. It's telling me that is not true, there is something else after death (not sure if it's another life) and I'd just believe in that inner voice.

This world is not the final destination, it is just part of a journey. At the end of this journey, what happened to our soul? Our soul can become wiser and purer OR it can become more confused and evil.

What happened to a wiser/purer soul and a more confused/evil soul? That's clearly beyond my capability to answer. I just know inside that I have to become wiser and purer. And again, I'd listen to my inner voice.

John @ singasoft

5:05 PM  
Blogger Cyrus Crypt said...

Hi John, like you, I hope that this is not the end. That there is something else beyond death. I hope your inner voice is right.

5:11 PM  

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