Monday, February 07, 2005

      Alterative Energy Source Needed to Evade Global Warming

"RISING sea levels due to climate change are not just a concern in remote areas. Some low-lying parts of Singapore could also be affected if water levels rise, say experts.

'The sea level rise, with a minimum of 10cm and a maximum of 90cm by 2100, will impact Singapore as it's an island nation with a lot of low-lying reclaimed land, ' said Dr Matthias Roth, a climate scientist at the National University of Singapore....

...The last 10 years have already been the warmest on record, with four of the hottest years ever between 1998 and last year.

In the last four years, temperatures rose by an estimated 0.58 deg C, and some climatologists believe it has caused some natural disasters and freaky weather.

One is worth highlighting - the first hurricane developed in the South Atlantic Ocean, where conditions were believed unsuitable for such a formation."
- Global warming could affect S'pore - Straits Times Interactive (5 Feb 2005)

It is reassuring to hear that world leaders are taking note of the need for action to address the climate change issue. However, till date, no credible efforts can be seen in this direction.

What's disturbing is that US and Singapore are not signed up with the Kyoto Protocol, which is a treaty targeted at industrialised countries, aiming to cut emissions of greenhouse gases. Ironically, US is one of the top greenhouse gases emitting countries in the world.

At this point in time, the impetus to change will not come from concerns about possible human extinction, for all that is too remote to justify any actions. Skeptics will question the pausiblility of such projections, in favor of maintaining status quo.

Most advancements in technology and human society are largely driven by demands that results in monetary gains (either in form of cost saving or increased revenue) to the provider of that demand. And if we fail to arrive at such a practical situation, the global climate warming issue will not abate.

To illustrate my point, take for example, people who are driving cars; How many will be willing to scrape their cars in favor of taking public transport because of global warming? Or how many is willing to change their cars to CO2 friendly cars which are more costly, yet has lower cap speed? Not many, I'm afraid.

So until the day, where we can have alternative energy source that is more effective and yet cheaper, I'm afraid the road to global warming is an inevitable path. And perhaps the road to our extinction is guranteed, the only question is when?

Alas... the nature of human kind, always wanting cheaper and better, even till the end.


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