Thursday, November 03, 2005

      Labour Over-supply In China

Today's Straits Times reported in China, 8,600 civil services jobs were in demand by 1 million graduates. That works out to about 1 vacancy for every 177 applicants (0.56% of chance). Another 4 million more graduates are expected to join the work force next July, excerbating the situation.

Will the India brain-drain be repeated in China, now that the local job market is so competitive?


Blogger NotesSensei said...

Well you might want to decode the message a bit:
a) Public Service is attractive since the time of the imperial mandarins
b) the ratio is quite low if you consider a "dream job" Big MNC typically get about 400-500 applicants for one high profile job.
c) Someone wants to tell you: it is better here.

Well spun article!
:-) stw

10:59 PM  

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