Saturday, January 08, 2005

      The Folly of Not Asking

The England Agricultural Revolution occurred between 1700 to 1850, took almost 1 1/2 centuries. This was subsequently followed by the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century. It is said that we are living in the third revolution, the Information Revolution. Some argued that it started in the 1950s, and some said that it started with the Internet bloom.

It is clear that with each revolution, it brought about far-reaching transformations in areas of society, ecomony, manufacturing, politics. But what is most critical is the ease, extent and reach of human networking; brought about by advances in communication technology.

As observed by the decreased in time span between the three Revolutions, we can conclude that humans are taking lesser time to advance. Could this be an indirect consequences of the communication advances?

As it became easier for us to collaborate, we began to learn more from each other, directly or indirectly. There was lesser "re-inventing of wheels", effort duplication were reduced, information sharing was increased. The human learning process was steepened many time over; almost expontential, rather than incremental. The rate of technological advances is astounding, almost unreal. I remember when reading sci-fiction characters thousands of miles apart, speaking through wrist-strapped intercom. Today, the sci-fic is reality.

My experiences says that the learning process is almost always shorten if you learn from another individual who has taken a similiar path before you. The saved time can then be spent on the "road less travelled", to explore and discover new unfound knowledge.

It is not a shame to ask if you don't know, it is folly if you don't ask or question. Our forefathers didn't have the mobile phone or the Internet, but we do. So what's stopping you?


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